Super Healthy Strawberry Jam

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Do you know anyone who doesn’t love strawberry jam?)

Unfortunately, jams we buy in the shops are often packed with processed sugar. Plus, they are often cooked until only small degree of the vitamins and antioxidants left.

What if there was an uncooked jam that doesn’t have tons of sugar and it was as deliciously tasty as the cooked one? There is raw one!)

The beauty of the raw jam that its very quick &easy to make and it  keeps all the nutrients to make our body grow stronger &healthier.

The other great thing that your kids will love it a lot! Trust me, I’m asked to make it a lot in my house))! The good thing, If you don’t know how to switch your children to a healthy food, that’s your start:). Be ready that after they try it, they will ask you to make it often:).

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Super easy Raw Strawberry Jam


1 pack of fresh strawberries

2 tbsp chia seed

1 tbsp agave syrup

How to make:

Blend washed strawberries until smooth. Add to the blended berries- seeds, syrup, then mix  well using a spoon. Let it set for 5 mins. Mix again with a spoon and pour the mix into glass jar.



I have to admit,  I often make raspberry jam instead of strawberry, the recipe is almost the same. However, I don’t blend raspberries, because I prefer full berries in my jam. Its absolutely delicious and taste even better than a cooked jam!

Please experiment with different berries. My favourites are raspberries and blackberries. If you want to try full berries in your jam, then simply add chia and agave syrup to your berries, mix well with a spoon, wait 5 mins, done. If you prefer more smooth texture, then blend berries first and add chia and syrup after, as in the description above.

Stay healthy!

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